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Cash Back Offers

Free Bank Account with Ltd or LLP Formation Packages

UK Companies Limited offers cashback if you open a free business bank account with bank through our Fast Track referral system for any of our company formation packages, including the Pick and Mix package. We are offering £50 cashback for a successful bank introduction if you choose to open a free business bank account when you place your order for a company formation. So, you could have the incorporation costs of setting up your company reimbursed or even gain some money, providing your bank application is successful.

A Bank account manager will contact you usually within 48 hours of your enquiry and your account can be opened within 48 hours afterwards, subject to status.

Cash back offer on bank account introduction to is only available to UK residents setting up their first business bank account for a business within its first 12 months of trading. To qualify for our cash back, you bank accounts must be active and you have to apply for bank account through UK Companies Limited within 3 months of application. The Cash Back offer is limited to one per person and must be claimed from us within 90 days of company formation. To claim your cash back, please e-mail us with the name of your company, your address so we can post a cheque to you. We appreciate your patience with claiming your cash back as we get the information from the bank once a month and it means you can potentially wait up to 4 — 6 weeks for it to be paid.

Cash back offer does not apply to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) formations.

We are constantly on the look out to offer the best deals to our existing and new company formation clients and advertise these through our website and e-mail newsletters. We work continuously to give our customers the best value for money without compromising on customer service. Here at UK Companies Limited, we feel that this is fundamental in maintaining customer relationships and we thrive to give the best service possible with the highest professional standards.

by Elena Genovese