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Company Registration Agents – Compare Us

There are quite a few company formation agents offering company formations services in the UK and it is not always easy to make an informed decision about which company formation agent to trust with your company registration or which package and service is right for your needs. It is not always easy to differentiate between the packages offered by company formation agents as some of the formation agents include services or products that you most likely do not need, but they appear to have a greater monetary value in the description. Some incorporation agents include other items in the package, but the fees for these are hidden.

To help you to make the right decision, we have prepared a comparison table between UK Companies Limited and other company formation agents:

Companies House UK Companies Limited Other Formation Agents
£15 per company formation £4.50 per company formation (including Companies House Filing fee) subject to minimum order surcharge of £10.50 £12 per company formation + £13 Companies House
Complicated forms, Legal terminology Simple and easy to follow steps with incorporation, no complicated terminology Varies from site to site
No Bank Account Assistance Fast Track Bank Account Introduction service with £50.00 Cash back Most offer bank introduction, but cash back is generally offered only on the most expensive packages or less than £50.00
Good Service, turnaround time of 3-6 hours* subject to the volume of formations Excellent customer support and quick turnaround of orders, usually 3 hours, dependent upon Companies House volumes Satisfactory customer support, turnaround from 3 hours to two days
No Packages are offered We offer a choice from a Pick & Mix Option so that you can build your own bundle. Option to add additional services to any package. Fixed Packages are offered, many formation agents include items you do not need
No additional services are offered, i.e. Registered Address, Mail Forwarding, Share Certificates, Company Registers, Legalisation of documents, etc. We offer a wide range of additional services that can be added at any point, to name but few: Legalisation of Documents, Virtual Office, Registered and Service Address, Company Documents (like Share Certificate) Fixed Packages are offered, many formation agents include items you do not need
Not Applicable We are registered under the Data Protection Act. We do not share your information with any 3rd parties, except if you specifically request that we do. Not all formation agents are registered under the Data Protection Act
Total Cost
per company formation £15

Minimum Cost
per company formation £15(including minimum surcharge and
Company House filling fee)
Minimum Cost
per company formation £25

by Elena Genovese