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Due Diligence Documents for UK company Formation for Non-UK Residents

UK Companies Limited is an authorised company formation agent to provide company registration services.

We are required by UK laws to identify our clients, for that reason we have to ask for the below due diligence documents before we can proceed with the UK company registration. These requirements specifically relate to regulated supplementary services we offer during the process of forming a UK limited company. These Regulated services are:

These Rules apply to UK Residents as well as Non UK Resident’s wishing to order UK company formation

Non-UK Residents wishing to have Registered Office and Mail services will be asked for:

  1. Proof of Identity (please refer below to the list of documents we accept)
  2. Proof of residential address (please refer below for guidance)
  3. Description of business activity in detail

Non-UK Residents wishing to use our Nominee Service:

UK Companies Limited complies with current International Anti-Money Laundering regulations and best practices, which are subject to change without further notice. If you need us to provide any of our Nominee Services (Shareholder, Director or Company Secretary) it is essential that we have the items and information described below in respect of each Beneficial Owner, Director and Shareholder. We cannot accept another company as a Beneficial Owner of the new UK Company, unless we have incorporated it ourselves or our trusted partners have incorporated it.

We will require all documents to be certified by an independent lawyer / accountant, a bank manager, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace / member of the judiciary or a British Embassy official can certify your documents. We will proceed with incorporation upon receipt of scanned documents, but will only courier the company formation document upon receipt of the physical (i.e. in the post) documents from you. We recommend posting (our postal address will be provided) them together with the Nominee Agreements, which are generated within few days of the company formation. Detailed instructions are provided during the process of incorporation.

Below is a schedule of our minimum requirements, but we reserve the right to request additional information at any time:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of residential address
  3. Professional Reference Letter
  4. Beneficial Owners Declaration – our company one page internal document (will be e-mailed to you upon placing your order)

What documents are accepted?

1. Acceptable forms of proof of identity are:

For all Passports / Identity Documents please ensure the following details are included:

2. Acceptable forms of proof of residential address are as follows but must be not more than 3 months old:

3. Professional Reference Letter (for example, lawyer, accountant, bank manager, etc.) who may be contacted at a later date. The references should include, at the least, the following wording and must appear on the professional’s letter-headed paper with clearly displayed contact details:

I/we confirm that I/we have known Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ………………………………… for …… years and can confirm that he/she is a real and proper person and one I/we believe suitable to operate a company registered as well as any related bank accounts. We confirm his/her bona fides and his/her usual residential address as being the following:

Notes for Certification Requirement for Non-UK Residents

An independent lawyer / accountant, a bank manager, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace / member of the judiciary or a British Embassy official can certify your documents.

The certification should include all the details below:

by Elena Genovese