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How To Register a Company?

To register a company may seem simple, but has requirements that demand some time and thought. Due to this we advise our clients to first familiarise themselves with the rules and procedures on how to register a company. Please feel free to email us and ask for a free document that explains the procedures and how everything works.

For Registering a Limited company please see Setting up a Limited company.

Selecting a Name to Register a Company

Familiarising yourself with the legal requirements for company names when getting to know how to register a company is important before you go ahead and register a ltd. company.

You need to know a number of name restrictions when you decide to register a company. Whatever you decide to use must be unique, not similar or identical to an existing company. A company name must also carry Limited or Ltd. or LLP to state what type of company it is.

Companies House does not reserve any names submitted to register a company; the reason being that this could lead to much unwanted electronic backlog given the large number company registrations dealt with on daily basis. It operates on a first come first served basis.

Checklist for Company Registration

Knowing how to register a company and understanding the requirements should be top of your list when going to register a company. The key documents to register a Limited company are: the Application Form to register company (this is done online through our website), the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and any other document containing information that needs to be shared with Companies House.

To ensure that your Application Form for registering ltd. company structures is correctly filled in, information/documents that you must have beforehand include:

Registering a Ltd Company – Incorporation Documents

As an agent for registering a company we prepare and submit these documents to the Companies House on your behalf.

The Articles of Association along with resolutions and agreements are considered the constitution of your company when you register a company. All our packages for Limited Companies contain standard (model) Articles of Association that your company will adopt.

Model Articles (of Association) are commonly used for registering a ltd. company because of their standard layout. You will also find that the clauses and provisions are drafted as required. You can choose to use a Model Articles as provided or have them altered to best suit your needs after you register your company. Making changes afterwards will require legal advice. If you wish to supply your own Memorandums and Articles before Registration please contact us beforehand.

Registering a Company – Other Information

To register a company is as simple as uploading a word file or scanned documents via the internet. Three routes are available, and make it possible to incorporate using either, electronic software filing, web — based incorporation services, or file hard copies of all documents and forms required at Companies House.

Regardless of whether you fully understand how to register a company, signing up with us to register a company relieves you from the tasks of paying a separate fee to Companies House (which are all built-in in our fees and packages), preparing legal documents or incurring extra costs to hire outside help to do so, then going through the tedious process of filing.

Our aim is to deliver a cost effective, value added service for registering a company, and dependable customer support so that you do not only register a company but understood how.

What is a Certificate of Company Incorporation?

The Certificate of Incorporation is the document issued by Companies House when your application to register a company has been approved. This certificate formalises and completes the incorporation process and is a full proof that your company has complied with all requirements for registering a Limited or LLP company.

On the Certificate of Incorporation you will find the number used to register the company on the Companies Register, your company’s name, date of incorporation, classification of type of company, and whether your office is situated in England and Wales, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Do I need to register with HMRC separately?

With your Certificate in hand, you are now required to inform HMRC about your newly registered company, whether it is liable for corporation tax (if it falls into the category of an active company) or not (if for one reason or the next your limited company will be dormant for any given fiscal period). Once Incorporated HMRC is informed and they will then write to you. From that point you have to register for the below services if required:

More information is available on enrolling for VAT, PAYE, Self-Assessment and corporation tax after you register a company with us.

So to recap, for the right start, ensure that you fully understand how to register a company.

For further details on how to register a company or other services please Contact Us

by Elena Genovese