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UK Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

The UK Private Limited company is a company limited by shares, and this type of UK Company cannot be publicly traded. A Private Limited Company, sometimes simply called a Limited company, is the most common type of UK incorporation service requested.

Private Limited Companies can be formed online (through licensed company formation agents like us), directly through Companies House, or through third party lawyers or accountants. Limited company formation is actually more affordable, and simpler to achieve through company formation agents, such as ourselves.

To register Limited Company, simply follow our online incorporation process. First of all we will need to establish, if the proposed name of your limited company is available via our search engine. This takes seconds. Then you just need to choose a suitable package for your UK private limited company, then pay and submit your order. You will then be asked to input the details of officers, decide on share designations, etc. At this stage of the UK company formation, you would be able to add any additional services. The whole process of UK incorporation is relatively simple and there is helpful advice, as you progress through each stage of the order.

Occasionally, for some services in order to complete private limited companies formation, you may need to provide us with a valid form of picture identification and verification of a residential address.

Private Limited Company — What are the Advantages?

There are several reasons why more individuals choose to register private ltd companies.

The advantages of a private limited company include:

Private Limited Company — What are the Disadvantages?

Private Company limited by shares

Private Limited Company is a more complex business structure than a sole trader or ordinary Partnership (not to be mixed with Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)). A company limited by shares is simply referred to as a Private Limited Company.

A private company limited by shares indicates that the company has shareholders whose liability is limited to their capital investment. The shares of a private ltd company may not be offered to the general public, unlike those of a public limited company (plc.) and cannot be traded on a public exchange.

What are the Officer Requirements for a LTD. company?

Following the Companies Act 2006, all Private Limited Companies must at all times, have a Company Director. The secretarial requirements for a Private Limited Company are more relaxed than a (plc.) company in that a Company Secretary is no longer obligatory, but rather discretionary. The company officers are formally appointed in the Private Limited Company’s Articles of Association.

It is a common practice for Private Limited Companies to have more than one director. In such cases, at least one of the directors must be an individual. Other directors can be individuals or if chosen corporate bodies. However, it is also possible to form a Private Limited Company with one individual being a director, shareholder and if chosen secretary.

What are a Private Limited Company Formation Requirements?

Limited Company Names

You must provide at least one proposed name for your limited company. Your choice of a Private Limited Company name must end with ’Limited or ’Ltd.’ Companies House may refuse to register a company name if:

The availability of the name for your private limited company can be checked on our website. If after submitting your private limited company formation order we are in any doubt as to your names chance of success, we will contact you.

Share Capital

When you form a Private Limited Company, at least one share must be issued. The limited company can be created with any number of shares — of any value.

An example of share allocations would be: a Private Limited Company that issues 100 shares at £100 for a share capital of £10,000. The minimum capital requirement is £1, although we recommend at least £100.

Company Accounts

Private Limited Company first accounting period starts on the day of incorporation. It is important to maintain accurate books and accounts, as financial statements must be filed 9 months after your limited company’s financial year end.

Registered Office of a Private Limited Company

All private limited Companies must have a registered office in their country of incorporation. This does not have to be the business address; it can be the address of the ltd company’s accountant or lawyer. This address is important: this is where all notices and government correspondence is sent. All company official letters should always bear this address.

Process for Private Limited Companies Formation

The online form for a Private Limited Company will capture the name, address, date of birth and occupation of the directors and the secretary (if any); plus the address of the registered office.

Our complete basic package for Private Limited Companies will include (but is not limited to) emailed PDF versions of.

Formation of a Private Limited Company can be completed in one working day, two working days maximum.

by Elena Genovese